Friday, 12 September 2008

The wedding

It was a wonderful weeding and a great party on Saturday! They were both so happy and beautiful and little Mina (their three years old daughter) was very charming as a bride's maid.
On of the most touching moments were under dinner when they played a beautiful lovesong my DIL had recorded for her husband. She surprised us with her beautiful voice!
Here is the newly married couple outside the church

Mina was adorable!

The bride's flowers were so beautiful. It was made by a friend of one of our daughters. She's the best and has been a Norwegian champion in flower arranging several times.

This is how yhe table was decorated. Our daughter did this early Saturday morning.

The wedding cake was spectacular! The couple LOVES chocolate cake, so the wedding cake had to be made of chocolate!

Her is a picture of me and my son quite late in the evening


  1. Hi Bente,
    Your son's wedding must have been lovely. I loved your dress --- in the picture of you two together I could see the gold highlights in the fabric. The silk shawl you made to accessorize is phenomenal!
    Suzanne in Texas

  2. Thank you, Suzanne! It was indeed a lovely wedding. I'm glad you like my shawl :-)