Monday, 8 September 2008

Wedding card

This is the card I made for the wedding of my son and his wife. It's made of silk satin and some ribbons. The letters are sewed with my machine in silver thread.
Dette er kortet jeg laget til bryllupet til vår sønn og hans kone. Det er laget i silkesatin og litt band. Bokstavene er sydd med maskin i sølvtråd.

This is the back of the card. I free motion quilted it with a shiny rayon thread. Loops and hearts was a natural choice.

Dette er baksiden på kortet. Det er frihåndsquiltet med en blank rayontråd. Løkker og hjerter var et naturlig valg.

This is what it looks like inside. I'll try to translate the poem:

Not too close - no, not too close - then we shadow for each other - we want to live in the sun

but not too far away - because our branches must be able to stroke eachother -

in the evening breeze

and in the deep nights - we want to feel the slow breathing of the other

in time with the stars and the clouds that slowly drift away

and in the first glitter of morning

I want to hear your leaves rustle near me

not too close - then we nourish from the same soil

and we never can get great

but so close together - that we can touch each other when we are lonely

and fall close to each other in the end

Dette er hvordan kortet ser ut inni. Det har et dikt av Egil Ulateig som heter Ikke for nær.

Here is what I used with my dress. The bag is made from the same velvet as my dress. The gold outlines on the shawl don't show up, but goes well with my golden shoes.

dette er tilbehøret til kjolen min. Veska er sydd av samme fløyel som kjole. Konturene på skjerfet er malt i gull, men synes dårlig på bildet. Det passet godt sammen med gullskoene.


  1. Oh my, Bente...
    Your talent has no end...I can see how your sewing skills have taken you on many adventures!

    Very beautiful indeed! what a treasure. I hope it is adamently cherished!

    Your quilting friend,

  2. Thank you so much, Gwen! You are my favorite quilting friend :-)