Sunday, 24 August 2008

Festival of Quilts, Birmingham

Last week my husband and I was in Birmingham, England. On Thursday we visited the Festival of Quilts. I showed a quilt for the first time, my "Swan Lake". No prize on the Swan, but it was fun to partisipate. The show cantained more than 1300 quilts and I'm not sure I saw all of them!
Both the Show and the vendors were well organized, but it was the opening day and it was very crowded! I had a long shopping list and got most of it before my legs didn't want to walk any more... I was at a Quilt show and didn't buy a single fabric! But a lot for mixed media - Shiva paintsticks, foil, lutradur, watercolor vax sticks, painting ink for fabric...... The catalogue also gave me a lot of links to retailors. The only thing I didn't find, was a silk screen, but I have ordered one now.
Below is the winners of the pictorial group.

# 1
"Herd Mentality" by Ferret, Bournemouth

# 2

"Night Watch" by Olga Ovsynnikova, Moscow, Russia

# 3

"Hostas after the Shower" by Patricia Collinson, Bideford

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