Friday, 8 August 2008

New Shibori Dyeing

I'm just now in a Shibori II dyeing class at Quilt University. The teacher is as usual Marjorie McWilliams. This weeks lesson gave some pieces I'm really pleased with.

This one is first dyed with fuchsia and the with a green dye. The colors are even more brilliant in real life. I think this one will get some prints and then be quilted. All the pieces are about
18" x 44"

This one is just beautiful. It was first dyed with yellow and then overdyed with purple. There is so much wicking here and so many different colors. This is the nice thing with Shibori dyeing - you never know how it will look before you open it.

This one will also get some additinal prints and be quilted.

Here the fabric is pleated in a random way and the sewed over the pleats. Dyed with purple and left to dry completely before rinsing. A lot of WOW's here this week!

This is how the piece above looked after dyeing and before the threads were removed. I did som free motion both with normal stiches and zik zak.


  1. Hei! Fant bloggen din da jeg søkte på Procion MX. Du har fått en ny "fast" leser!! Veldig bra det du dokumenterer, og veldig artig å lese beskrivelsene og betraktningene dine. Ett ? Hvor får du tak i tykningsmiddelet til stoffargene, Sodium Alginate?
    Lykke til med bryllup i flott kjole.

  2. Tusen takk! Veldig hyggelig med norsk kommentar.
    Her er en link hvor du finner Sodium Alginate:
    Her kjøper jeg også alle Procion MX fargene. Jeg bruker stort sett bare rød, gul og blå og blander fargene selv. Lykke til med farging/trykking!