Friday, 8 February 2008

Swan Lake progression

This is what I've done on the project so far. All the flesh tones are in place even if I'm going to work a bit more on her hands. Just needed a break from it. I've not put any stress on the 'look-alike' this time, but worked more with the expression I wanted. And I'm quite happy with it so far. I know I'll enjoy making their garments!
Dette er hva jeg har gjort på prosjektet så langt. Alle hudtonene er på plass selv om jeg må jobbe mer med hendene hennes. Trenger bare en pause. Jeg har ikke lagt vekt på portrettlikheten denne gangen, men jobbet med uttrykket jeg ønsker. Og jeg er ganske fornøyd så langt. Jeg gleder meg virkelig til å lage klærne deres!


  1. Bente

    You really have found where your talent lies! Your portraits are all stunning and full of energy and emotion. I am in your Art for Quilters class, and I also lurk on the Artquilter group site, so I have seen your work a lot!


  2. Wonderful your art work! All your fabric portraits are adorable! And the threadpainting!

    Sometimes I thought I would like to take the same class. But it needs a lot of patience and talent to finish it like you.

    The best wishes from Cologne, Germany

  3. Thank you so much, Julia and Cordula! I finally fell I'm 'home'. I love to make portrait quilts. See you in class, Julia!
    Cordula, Marilyn Belford's class is fantastic. She is a very skilled and helpful teacher who guides you through your portrait. Of course it is time consuming, but lots of fun!

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