Tuesday, 11 September 2007

All fabric in place

All the fabric is in place on Mina's portrait! A picture is sent to the class' Discussion Forum and I've recieved a very good judgement on it (it's in the end of this message).

So now's the time for threadpainting with my sewing machine. Maybe the most scary step in the process because I'm terrified of ruin what I'v achieved so far.

Så er alt stoffet på plass på portrettet av Mina! Bildet er sendt til diskusjonsforumet vi har på kurset og jeg har fått kjempefin kritikk tilbake (den står helt tol slutt i dette innlegget).

Nå er det tid for "trådmaling" med symaskinen. Det er kanskje den mest skremmende prosessen fordi jeg er redd for å ødelegge det jeg hittil har fått til.
Subject: Re: Done G 3? Posted By: Marilyn Belford Date:
Thu Sep 6
Stunning! Every ounce of her is perfect. It is exactly like her. The skin tones are just right, and I like her hair very much, with those delicate wisps and the two ribbons on the top. The color for the hair is fine. And, yes, threadpainting WILL make her live.
The highlights in eyes are so small that it is best to threadpaint them in, usually with white, or off-white thread, using a "Fix" stitch. Or a tiny zigzag that doesn't move forward much if at all.
the background does exactly what you wanted and the color is definitely complimentary to her.
Absolutely! Iron it all into permanence. When it is on the ironing board, make sure all the pieces are in their proper position.

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