Sunday, 10 July 2011


I just wanted to do something fast, fun and different, but I wanted to make a portrait of my granddaughter Amelie. I ended up using Maria Elkins technique found in her video Making Faces from Quilting Arts Workshops. I can recommend this video if you want to start making portraits. Fun and easy!
I've also joined another class at Quilt University, Artist's Toolbox with Lyric Kinard. Recommendable!

Jeg hadde lyst til å gjøre noe raskt, morsomt og annerledes, men hadde lyst til å lage et portrett av barnebarnet mitt Amelie. Valget falt på Maria Elkin's video Making Faces fra Quilting Arts Workshops. Jeg kan anbefale denne videoen hvis du har lyst til å prøve å lage et portrett. Morsomt og enkelt!
Jeg har også hoppet på et nytt kurs på Quilt University, Artist's Toolbox med Lyric Kinard. Kan anbefales!



  1. En herlig quilt - fjeset ser helt levende ut - et flott resultat :-)

  2. Love it! Maris's CD helped me to make my first one and I really enjoyed the process. I love your Aweleye - it's beyond amazing.

  3. It's a very nice portrait!

  4. Greetings Finland. I want to study blogs around the world. Welcome to my new blog.